The Telling Takes Us Home

A Celebration of American Family Stories

Each podcast is approximately forty minutes long and features from seven to eight stories. Stream them online or download them to listen to later. And if you enjoy these podcasts, make sure to tell your own friends and family—they might enjoy them too.


Episode 1 - Those Beans Worked Me Hard

Episode 2 - Get Me to the Church on Time!

Episode 3 - The Secret Lakes

Kevin Burke - Joke with the Pony Cart - Alan Hayashi - As Long As I Have You – Maria Mazziotti Gillan - The Yearbook - Michael Pritchard - The Johnstown Flood - Eric Funk and Bill Durbrow - Opera Day and Chopin Waltzes - Olga Andreyev Carlisle - The Necklace - James Farris - The Smartest Man I Ever Knew - Betty Farmer - Those Beans Worked Me Hard

Les Purce - The Fortune Teller - Stan Miller - The Reunion - Joanna Robinson - The Fire - Frank Orlando - A Healthy Dose of Vitamin S - James Houston - Why We Tell Family Stories - Billy Cornette - A Civil War Story - Izzy Martin - Get Me to the Church on Time! - Skip Houser and Kevin Arnold - Bits of Folly

Thomas Moore - Tragedy on the Lake - John Olmstead - The Secret Lakes - Ellen Duffy and Beverly McHugh – A Love of Books - Richard Bausch - The Car Salesman - John Eliason - The Powered Toboggan and Music Machine - Beth Goodwin - Whatever It Takes - Irene Paul - A Passion for Democracy